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Buy Now DELIGHT Alkaline Nano water purifier

Buy NowMyHomePlus DELIGHT Alkaline Nano water purifier

powered by Cuckoo

MyHomePlus DELIGHT Alkaline Nano water purifier is the right choice for your family’s health. The product is power packed with “Nano Positive Filter” which eliminates 99.9% of Norovirus, filters heavy metals like Mercury, Iron, Aluminium, etc., improves water taste, and removes harmful microorganisms. The NF membrane filters out germs, algae, fungi, etc. from water. Its Alkali-mineraliser filter adds essential minerals to the water and balances the pH level providing healthier and tastier water.

The Korean giant Cuckoo’s technology presents one-of-a-kind water purifier that can reduce the water wastage to absolute ZERO! Especially designed for QNET customers to produce safe drinking water that meets the standards set by the World Health Organization, MyHomePlus DELIGHT is a sure-fire addition to your kitchen.

What is unique about MyHomePlus DELIGHT water purifier?

  • Patented Nano positive filter removes Norovirus up to 99.9%: Norovirus causes acute gastroenteritis, diarrhea, stomachache etc. This virus can be found in drinking water sourced from borewell and overhead tanks which are not kept clean. MyHomePlus DELIGHT removes such harmful virus and bacteria to give you a clean drinking water experience.
  • Patented technology: World’s first IN and OUT sterilisation technology, ensuring 100% hygiene
  • Zero water wastage: Absolutely zero wastage of water during the filtration process
  • TDS level: MyHomePlus DELIGHT water purifier gives clean drinking water without removing essential minerals at homes where TDS level is within 500 ppm
  • Specially made for municipal supply water areas

Key Features:

  • Specially made for municipal treated / supply water purification
  • Patented IN and OUT sterilisation technology
  • Provides 100% Hygiene, 100% Safe and mineral-rich alkaline water
  • UV LED Sterilisation
  • Faucet Sterilisation
  • Filter replacement Alarm
  • Flexible Installation - Both Tabletop & Wall Mount options available
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Detachable Faucet and Tray for Easy Cleaning
  • 7.5 L Tank Capacity
  • Great design aesthetics

MRP: INR 38,270