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Buy Now KNIGHT Alkaline RO water purifier

Buy NowMyHomePlus KNIGHT Alkaline RO water purifier

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MyHomePlus KNIGHT water purifier has a stylish design suitable for homes and the workplace. KNIGHT is loaded with an advanced RO Membrane that purifies water up to 99. 9%, and removes heavy metals, bacteria, water-borne microorganisms and harmful substances. It is also equipped with a sterilisation process with a timer-setting. Enjoy the tech treat of MyHomePlus Knight, backed by a great convenience of easy operation, with detachable and washable faucets and a water tray for super easy cleaning.

What is unique about MyHomePlus Knight Water Purifier?

  • TDS level: MyHomePlus Knight water purifier gives clean drinking water without removing essential minerals at homes where TDS level is more than 500 ppm
  • Patented technology: World’s first In and Out sterilization technology, ensuring 100% hygiene through a 2-step process
  • DIY Feature: Three–step (open– change– close) easy self-filter replacement. This function helps you to manage and maintain your water purifier without need for service
  • Specially designed for high TDS areas

Key Features:

  • Specially designed for high TDS, ground water/ borewell water purification
  • With patented IN and OUT sterilisation technology
  • Provides 100% Hygiene, 100% Safe and mineral-rich alkaline water
  • 7- Stage RO Filtration
  • UV LED Sterilisation
  • Water Level indicator
  • Kitchen & Daily Care Option
  • Filter Replacement Alarm
  • 7.5 L tank capacity
  • Detachable Faucet & Tray for Easy Cleaning
  • Designed in a slim and refined shape to match any decor

Kitchen & Daily Care Options: Connect an additional faucet to the purifier. This is a great feature for utilising clean and sterilised water for washing vegetables, fruits, cutlery, toys, milk bottles etc. as it is bacteria and virus free. The water from this faucet is NOT meant for drinking. Also, the filter has active carbon to absorb bad odors from tap water.

MRP: INR 38,670