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Semper Collection

With its smooth curves, strong, fluid lines and soft luxurious finishings, Mugnier’s Semper quartz and automatic collection is inspired by the tranquillity of the English countryside and the crisp beauty of the Swiss Alps.

The Semper gents’ and ladies’ quartz designs exude elegance, with stylings modelled after classic and haute Swiss watches – and, of course, that iconic Mugnier attention to detail.
The men’s wristwatch, with its gold casing and band, is reminiscent of golden sunshine hitting your face as you stroll through expansive rolling hills, while the women’s variant boasts a similarly indulgent, but more feminine chic.

Meanwhile, the men’s automatic watch, like the great Matterhorn, makes a bold, silent statement without being too aggressive. The women’s wristwatch echoes this with a design for those who possess a quiet confidence, and a touch of whimsy.

Semper Lumière: INR 86,750
Semper Nemarosa Ladies: INR 86,750

Mode Collection

This collection takes its cue from the fashion, entertainment, and style capitals of Europe. The Mugnier Mode line draws you into the magic, beauty, and luxury of cities like Milan and Barcelona, with their grand restaurants, exclusive hotels, high-end stores, and celebrated nightlife.

Like these cities, Mugnier’s Men’s Collection, with its Swiss quartz movement, captures a sense of individuality; it’s for the man who is secure and individualistic in his own style despite being surrounded by the chaos of life.

The Mugnier Women’s Collection on the other hand emphasises designs that exude charm and a sense of light and effortless style for the fashion forward woman.

Mode Pardus: INR 111,300.00
Mode Cinetique Ladies: INR 109,600.00

Invictus Collection

Bold, strong, and formidable. The clear lines of both the men’s and lady’s wristwatches in this collection take their inspiration from modern sailing.

The masculine edge of the men’s watch, with its dark, gleaming visage captures a sense of mystery reminiscent of the inky depths of the ocean.

In contrast, the women’s wristwatch hints at something softer. The play of blue against rose gold on the timepiece teases the eye like the sparkling reflection of the morning sun’s rays on the water’s azure surface.

Invictus Mavros: INR 111,800.00
Invictus Bleue Ladies: INR 110,800.00